19 Jul Getting your house ready for a show day

Show day approaching? Here are clever tips from successful sellers

Add a room
If you have a study,think about setting it up as a bedroom. Listing an additional bedroom is always a draw card.

Stage it
Consider home staging before your next show day. Staging professionals can increase the universal appeal of your property. Often the money you spend on the exercise more than pays off when your home sells quicker and you achieve your asking price.

Storage space sells

In the big tidy up prior to show day, don’t simply stuff the clutter into cupboards. Buyers will open cupboards, so pack yours neatly, but don’t overfill them. This will showcase how much space they’re able to provide. This also gives you the chance to throw out things you don’t need in the run up to packing for your big move.

First impressions count.

  • Freshen up your front door with a coat of varnish or a glossy bright colour.
  • Polish up ironmongery or replace badly tarnished or rusted knockers and door handles.
  • Place healthy, attractive shrubs on either side of the entrance way.
  • Splash out on a fresh new doormat.
  • Adding a few simple elements to an entrance hall can make a big difference. Make a style statement with a large mirror and a fresh bouquet of flowers.
  • Add a pleasing fragrance with a few drops of aromatherapy oil. Lavender, geranium and orange blossom tend to have universal appeal.


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