27 Jul Moving with pets: Tips to remember

Owning a pet can often be the greatest obstacle when moving to a new house. Unfortunately, pets often become a problem when trying to move. The options of remaining in your house, finding a new home for your pet, or forcing them to live in a home too small to meet their needs are ones that pet owners are forced to choose between.

Regardless of the size of your new home, moving with pets is still a challenging experience, as they may have trouble adapting to their new surroundings. Luckily, there are tips and tricks to make the ordeal much easier.
If you’re considering moving, especially if you’re downsizing, it is best to wait until after the move before getting a pet. However, if you still would like a pet, you can find one that is suited to the new house’s size. Waiting will also save you grief if you are forced to move to a complex that doesn’t allow pets.

If you already have a dog or cat, and need to move, there are a few useful tips to consider
• Proper planning beforehand is important to make the process go smoothly
• Try to spread out packing over a month or two, so that your pet does not get worried by a sudden change in their environment
• By keeping the pet’s schedule as similar as possible throughout the move, unnecessary stress can be prevented.
• Up-to-date ID tags are essential in case the worst happens and your pet gets lost.
• If you decide to use a cat carrier for transporting your cat, do not open it to reassure your cat until you are in a safe space.
• Once you arrive at your new home, keep your pet confined to a room with food and water until all the activity has died down.
• Before you allow them to explore their surroundings, make sure everything is pet friendly, and that the perimeter fence is completely secure.

Pets often try to return to their old home, and can get injured or lost in the process. It may be a wise decision to keep your cat, in particular, indoors for some time after moving, as they need time to adjust.

Following these guidelines may not prevent all pet-related problems, but they can certainly reduce them, providing peace of mind that is vital when moving to a new home.

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