31 Aug What sets a good estate agent apart from the bad?

An estate agent should:

• Provide professional, personalised service

• Be an expert in his or her area of operation

• Have a thorough objective overview of the local property market in general.

• He or she should not only be totally committed to working on your behalf, but should deliver the results you want – the best realistic price in the shortest possible time, if you’re a seller. if you’re a buyer, the most suitable available properties to view.

• An agent who shows a buyer properties way out of the price range or with inadequate accommodation has simply not listened to the buyers needs, and will only waste his or her time. Similarly, this wastes the sellers time too and erodes confidence in the agent’s ability to make the best possible sale.

• Most importantly, a client should expect informative, clear and regular feedback.

Qualified agents have studied a significant section of conveyancing law, and should be able to guide clients through various legal documents including offers to purchase and mandates to sell. A good agent will not however presume to know everything about the law, but will instead refer to a qualified attorney with regard to any questions he or she is not able to confidently address.

While more and more agents are finding it vital to embrace technology to enhance their marketing efforts and communication skills, a good agent will ensure that any online queries will receive quick and detailed responses which will always be followed with immediate personal contact. “It is very poor practice to constantly let your phone ring and let it go to voice mail and then not return a call. Clients demand and deserve regular and personal communication, particularly when it comes to property, which is invariably the most valuable material asset a person possesses or wishes to acquire

Greeff Properties is represented by qualified and professional real estate agents with proven track records. These individuals don’t merely know their areas; they are immersed in the very culture of their turf. Each of our agents prides himself or herself on having a thorough understanding of their particular suburban market and brings strong negotiating skills to the table as well.
It is critically important to us that an agent never loses sight of the importance of old-fashioned integrity, trust and reliability. At Greeff, we pride ourselves on the fact that while we have true sales success in our areas, we strive ceaselessly to remain focused on the most vital element in our business – putting the personal back into property.

For any property related advice visit www.greeff.co.za

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